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Advanced flow: how to create a link ID for each record and track clicks changing status

Hello gents,
I need some help to continue developing my model with suiteCRM.

What i need first is to be able to create a link ID for every record, add that unique link into templates and tracking the user clicking the link, changing his/her status into the CRM.

Record 1 Name Alex Surname Telles Mobile n. +44524564867 City Manchester Status unaware
Template: hello [name] we are pleased to invite you to register to our product, click on the [ link ].

Once the template is sent to Alex, status change to “unread”.
Alex click on the [link] and goes into the landing, the status change to [aware]

This is the end of first part.

Then what i need is more complicated i am afraid:
In the landing page i will have a button register and that button should be able again to change the status of the record, that way if the user register we change is status again this time into “unpublished”.

Thanks for helping…
Best Regards

For this thing, we need to do customization in CRM. Please let us know if you want to do it.