Advanced filter show only related option from dropdown

Hi Guys,

please do you how that is possible to change the search filter that he show only available options from dropdown.


I have Leadsource - LeadSource I, LeadSource II, LeadSource II. I set the advanced filter without leadsource and the list view show only leads belongs to LeadSource I.

It’s possible to show only LeadSource I in the dropdown?

In normal case there are shown all options and you can filter to no-results and it’s not very usefull.

Thx for any tips.

Use the saved search function.

In Advanced Sarch, click on Lead Source I. type Lead Source I into the “Saved Search” and hit save.

This can then be invoked from the saved searches dropdown … have as many simple or complex searches as you need.

Thanks for your reply but that is not really what we want.

The situation is I choose the campaign for example and in the leadSource dropdown i see all options from all campaigns. The filter is not change in the case of other filter inputs.

Your way it cam be done if I have option as administrator save the global search save, but this is impossible, every user create all filters himself. I want to find some system solution.