Admin Panel Displays Nothing, Doesn't Load

When I go the top right and click on ‘Administrator’ and then click ‘Admin’ to go the admin panel, nothing is displayed except for the panels. All other links and panels load correctly except for this one. (Screen shot below)

I created a new module (nothing fancy or weird, just created a new module). I added it as a new panel. Then went to the admin panel to go the studio to start adding fields and editing the new module. When I would click on ‘Studio’, nothing would load at all. So I tried restarting my browser, which then lead me to this problem where the admin panel isn’t loading at all now. I have tried multiple browsers, cleared my cache and cookies, tried 2 different computers, and I still get this white page. I don’t know what’s going on. Could use some help.

I have blurred some names on the left for privacy reasons.

Check for sugarcrm.log and apache error log. You will find something in there. Also check if you see any javascript error when you access the page ?
Do check the file permissions and ownerships on the files.