additionalDetails.php no working for Projects

I have successfully created a additionalDetails.php file for opportunities, which has added an ‘Info’ column in listview and correctly shows data i need.

but for some reason, using the same code (and changing references from Opportunities to Project), it seems the Project module does not work in the same way - nothing is shown in the listview.

is it possible to create an additional info column for a Project; in the same way as it is for Opportunities?

There are separate modules for Project and ProjectTask, maybe that’s the source of the confusion?

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unfortunately not, i have additionalDetails.php in both Project and ProjectTasks folders, but for some reason the column only appears for ProjectTasks. I’ve removed the custom and extension folder for Project but no luck.

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Which tutorial are you following, this one?

Actually that one looks a bit incomplete. You have to check the class structure so that the override takes effect. I am not sure how that function is meant to be called by SuiteCRM, it likely needs to be a class extension.

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