Additional Text Box for Group items

How can we create additional text fields similiar to the Group Name description box. I have attached a picture just to illustrate where we would like to have the additional text fields.


Adding custom fields to line items & Line item groups isn’t possible with the UI Tools provided by SuiteCRM. (Such as Studio)

You’d likely have to do this through code customizations.

I imagine that the file you will have to customize will be :

However, I would recommend copying this file to the location:

So that any customizations done will be upgrade safe.


Thanks for the reply. My coding skills is a bit limited would it be possible to guide me through the steps of the customization of the above mentioned files.

Can somebody PLEASE guide me through the process or just supply me with an example of the changes I need to make in order for the additional text boxes to work in the Grouped Items.

I’ve managed to create the additional text box but the system is not writing any information to the db tables at all and I need to resolve this quite urgently for a client.

Here is a snippet of the code that I’ve enter in the line_items.js file

var header_cell = header_row.insertCell(1);
header_cell.innerHTML=SUGAR.language.get(module_sugar_grp1, ‘LBL_AREA_C’)+":  ";