Adding Product Groups to a Contract

I have products and product categories created. When I go to create a contract, The product group there is a free form entry not using the product categories I created previously. Is there anyway I can use the product categories in the contract creation to bring in groups of products?

Hi. When you say

I can’t find that field there. Did you do any customizations?

Can you post a screenshot to ?


Oh, I see now, sorry. Yeah that’s really just a “group of lines in the quote”.

There is no way to bring in groups of products.

You can have a few “template” Quotes ready with several products included, and then “duplicate” them when you’re starting a new quote that uses those products. This is just a workaround, I know it’s not very convenient…

With relatively minor code customizations you could get something to do what you need, like typing ABC* in a product line and having some code to expand that and bring in every product whose name starts with ABC