Adding Print PDF and Email function to Cases

I posted this at the end of a post that hadn’t seen any action in a while so im making a new topic.

I successfully added a “Print PDF” function to a custom made module. I am attempting to do the same in Cases module. I have the functions in, double checked the pages, created the PDF template and all seems to be ok. Except when i click Print PDF i select one of the templates and it goes to blank white page (in firefox) get an error 500 in other browsers. Saw a post a post about formLetterPdf.php trimming the s off but checked that and did not fix. Did my my rebuild. and error log gave me social plugin error, so i removed the logic hooks file from the social directory that was giving me the error, now i get no errors but still the same results.

I am at a loss as to what i am missing. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you actually have error reporting turned on in you php.ini file? A blank page usually indicates a fatal error in the code some where but error reporting is turned off so you cant see what it is.

Other option here is to check the php error log to see if anything is logged in there.

I do have error reporting enabled. I was originally getting 500 error in certain browsers but i fixed that. I am getting an error related to the social/hooks.php attached is a file of the error report. I tried just removing the file entirely and it removes the error but with no change to my results.

How can I add the Print PDF and Email function to a custom module?


Attached is a pdf i made for reference if ever i need to do it again. Its pretty straightforward. it assumes the custom module is already created. Just a note this only works for custom made modules. I still have not figured out how to add this function to existing modules. It always goes to blank screen if done with an existing module.


Has no one successfully added print pdf function or email function to Cases module?