Adding new field is giving an error

Hi All,

Recently, I added a new field in the notes module which is is_read from the studio. So, this creates a notes_cstm table and two fields id_c and is_read_c and then I added that field in the edit and view page using the studio itself.

Now this operation generates/updates a bunch of files. After testing, everything works fine. So I deployed it to prod.
But in prod, the callback module save button is not working and inside contact module edit section ->case create button is not working.

Is there anything that I am missing?

Have you run a repair and rebuild and ensured your permissions are correct?

Yes, in production, in the deployment process we run repair and rebuild.
The error mainly happened in cache js file sugar_grp_jsolait.js file which contains a function responsible for saving callback.

Check the database table fields_meta_data. It stores custom field definitions.
if you have created a field in dev CRM then you need to copy fields_meta_data records in production too.

Yes, that is the migration written which runs in the deployment process.