Adding Line Items To Quote Through V8 Rest API

I have been struggling with this for a few days and I have not been able to find any answers or create a workaround. My main goal is to add products to an account to show that they have been purchased. From what I understand, what I first need to do is create a quote, add a group of line items to the quote, add items to the group, and then mark that quote as closed_accepted for the items to populate on the account. This process works in the GUI just fine.

I am using the REST API V8 to accomplish this. From what I can tell, what I have needed to do is the following:

  1. Create an “AOS_Quotes”.
  2. Create an “AOS_Line_Item_Groups”.
  3. Create an “AOS_Products_Quotes”.
  4. Relate numbers 2 and 3 together.
  5. Relate numbers 1 and 2 together.

I have a few issues that I am running into though. They are the following:

  1. When trying to create an “AOS_Products_Quotes”, the information doesn’t autofill based any of the information I provide including the fields “product_id” or “part_number”. The “AOS_Products_Quotes” is created, it just simply doesnt fill in with information like it does in the GUI when selecting something.
  2. When trying to relate all three above items (quote, list item group, and product quote), I get back messages saying the products have been related but exploring them in the GUI gives no indication that they have been. None of the “AOS_Line_Item_Groups” ever show up in the “AOS_Quotes” that I create and none of the information populates.

I am happy to post my request URLs and body as I am very stuck and need as much help as I can get.

if you have found a solution to this question, I’m very much interested, since I have the same issue…

I made an updated post since this one was never responded to. Hopefully my solution can help you.