Adding Font ttf into PDF Templates editor

7.5.1 hosted with Apache
does anyway can point me on the right direction?

Thank you


You need to copy your font into modules/AOS_PDF_Templates/PDF_Lib/ttfonts/

And you will also need to edit modules/AOS_PDF_Templates/views/view.edit.php in order to add the font to the theme_advanced_fonts.


Thank you.
I will try…

You also need to:

  • register the font files by extendeng the array $this->fontdata() in file:


Just use the same syntax as the already existing fonts. e.g.

"istok" => array(
	'R' => "Istok-Regular.ttf",
	'B' => "Istok-Bold.ttf",
	'I' => "Istok-Italic.ttf",
	'BI' => "Istok-BoldItalic.ttf",
  • (optional) to prevent from having to declare the new font inline for every single instance in your template, you can make it default by declaring “font-family” for all tags that you use in your templates here:


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