Adding fields to the Toolbox

Hi, I’m trying to add fields to my contact details page. In Studio>Contacts>Layout>EditView I don’t see the field I want in the Toolbox (Primary Address 1) which I made available in List View. Custom fields that I have created are showing ok. Where am I going wrong. Thanks for any help. Jim


The primary adress fields are fairly unique.
In the Detailview and Editview layout editor in Studio, the address section is condensed into one field “Primary Address”
However, on the record’s detailview and editview, it will show all address information. (Address, street,postcode etc)

While, the list view layout editor allows you to be more specific with the fields shown.

However, If this isn’t your issue, then could you please clarify your issue further?

i.e: Is your Primary Address 1 field a custom field?

Hi John
Thanks for your quick reply.

The Primary Address 1 is not a custom field - ie it’s the one that was showing in ‘Hidden’ which I then transferred to Available or Default.

What I actually need to do is create fields to match those in Microsoft Dynamics CRM4 prior to importing contacts. CRM 4 has separate fields for each - street 1, street 2 etc.