Adding fields to check duplicates when importing

I’m looking for a pointer on how to add fields to the duplicate check list when importing data. Right now there are 3 options: Name, Email and another field. I have a few custom fields that I’d like to check duplicates for.


I haven’t tried it, but you can check this.

There is a similar thread for this. Take a look

I’ve never had the need to do this, but don’t you just check off duplicate merge when creating the field in Studio?

I doubt this duplicate merge will work during import. You can give it a try though.

Sorry wasn’t clear this was an issue on import. In the import wizard just add the field to check for duplicates.

How about this one sir? how to add the custom field to find duplicates

That’s the obvious thing to do but it doesn’t work.
I have added a new field and want to do a bulk update rather than manually updating 2000+ records and import wizard seemed the obvious way to do it, but without the ability to detect duplicates, I’ll just end up with 2000+ extra records!!

Advice welcome.

Ok I think I know what you’re asking now. First you should export with the record ID, then change your spreadsheet however you like. Then import and select the update option.

Then in the last step just select the field on which to check for duplicates. Generally it’s like the email address. If SuiteCRM finds a duplicate email it won’t import the record and at the end you’ll get a list of records not imported.

There are lots of functionalities that CRM developers could add in-build to CRM, so people don’t have to buy & install add-ons. :face_with_spiral_eyes: :sweat_smile: :crossed_fingers: