Adding feature to Quotes

Hi david.bohorquez,

you would define the options for the drop-down in the language files and then use the vardef to create the dropdown by using ‘options’ to point to the language label for the values. This might help: let me know if you need any further assistance.


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Hi Dilion,

so, I create this field on vardefs.php:

        'utility' => array(
            'required' => false,
            'name' => 'utility',
            'vname' => 'LBL_UTILITY',
            'type' => 'enum',
            'massupdate' => 0,
            'default' => 'Percentage',
            'comments' => '',
            'help' => '',
            'importable' => 'true',
            'duplicate_merge' => 'disabled',
            'duplicate_merge_dom_value' => '0',
            'audited' => 1,
            'reportable' => true,
            'len' => 255,
            'options' => 'utility_list',
            'studio' => 'visible',

And I create the dropdown utility_list on the dropdown editor, it has two options, Percentage and Amount, now, how you will know that when I do the pull request?