Adding extra field from default modules in the global search

Hello everyone!

I would like to add Leads and Calls description field to be included in the global search.

Awaiting a clear guidance…

Hi hrsolim,

You have to add fields manually in the code. Please see this forum post



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I am afraid to say that it did not work :frowning:

I followed all steps and no success.


Has anybody tested this

I was unsuccessful in searching the description fields of Leads, Calls, and Activities as it was required by my boss. :frowning:


nobody is ready to answer :frowning:

Is it a problem with no solution? :ohmy: or it is my problem not to understand :unsure:

Waiting for your kind reply,

Hi @Will,

I’m replying to this post, hoping it can come back to life. By the way, the URL you provide apparently evolved into something different, I thought I should report it.

The member (@hrsolim are you @Babasaheb_Pandhare on SugarCRM? ) who posted on the SugarCRM community forum explained how he was told to adjust his code and posted it on the forum mentioning it didn’t work for him. He however didn’t get feedback from any SugarCRM community member … I wondered whether things had changed since 2014, and whether the solution he posted is still valid – if by any chance you can spot why it might not work …