Adding a line item to a quote, the field labels are all undefined

New install version 7.8.2. We migrated Accounts and Products from an older system, to get a fresh start. No modules were moved over. Whhen we create a quote and add a product line item all the field names say undefined. I looked in the Studio and th elabels appear to be there. Is there a problem in the CSS files?? Where / how can I fix this.


It could be an issue of cache javascript or cache folder permission.

  1. Can you verify cache/jsLanguage//<Yourlanguage.js> exist?
  2. Check out your .htaccess RewriteBase has correct path ?

The .js file is there. The .htaccess RewriteBase path is /SuiteCRM My path was CRM. Changing that fixed the problem

Thanks again

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What if /<Yourlanguage.js> does not exist? And my installation was on English by default? It’s 7.9.9 version.
Tnx in advance!

Here’s a solution that helped me, maybe it can do some good to others!


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