Add user photo to email


I am trying to add user photo to email template but the email is sent without any photo.

To add the photo I had chosen in the ‘Insert variable’ section the User module and ‘Photo’ in the second dropdown. The resulting variable ‘$contact_user_photo’ I placed in the img src but it does not embed any photo. If I place the variable alone then also there is no photo added. I am confused what I am doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.


Photo’s aren’t supported as being added to email templates currently as far as I’m aware.

If you inspect the element of the email/view the email source, what does the image tag/URL look like?



Thanks for the reply!

The image tag shows the image name whereas its saved on the server with user id as name. What I cannot understand is the purpose of giving the option in email template if we cannot use it to show the profile photo?