add tabs button was not working now is. How many more bugs are there?

Hello… First of all I have to say Thank you! SuiteCRM has been my hero for me and my company. I’m just working on a blank slate new database to refresh myself and using 7.5.1. After installation on Ubuntu Linux server 14.04.3 on a local network, I logged in and I couldn’t add a new tab and the “add dashlets” would work every so often. So I went through EVERYTHING, every browser on every type of computer os. Then I reinstalled with no help. I actually had a zip copy of the release candidate of 7.5 and my problems seemed to be solved on there which I find weird because shouldn’t the full version be better than the beta version? Either way I dug into the forums and finally found my issue.

This was my issue. Can you fix the download so that everyone who downloads the newest version doesn’t have the “add tab” issue.

This basically states that in your Suitecrm directory /themes/SuiteR/tpls/MySugar.tpl
(the 2 lines with a minus in front remove, the 2 with the plus sign add)

- - + +

I spent so much time trying to find a solution but it wasn’t until I really dug into suitecrm’s forums that I found it. It was on like page 3 for me.

Either way I hope this helps someone else who may be having this issue and maybe I’m wrong but this clearly worked for me.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!


Thanks for your feedback on SuiteCRM!

The fix for the bug that you linked was implemented into SuiteCRM via a bugfix release.

The current version is 7.5.3, which has has a fair amount of bugfixes, and some security fixes over 7.5.1, so I would recommend upgrading at some point.

You can get the package here: (It should be the one called “SuiteCRM-Upgrade-7.5.x-to-7.5.3”)

If you do so, remember to take backups of your DB and CRM, just to be safe, and set your CRM permissions to appropriate values after upgrading.

If you upgrade, do you still have issues with the “add tab” and “Add dashlet” functionality?

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I upgraded to 7.5.3. Thank you for the fix!