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Add signature to mails when using templates.

Hello all

We are using SuiteCRM 7.9.8. We have discovered that when we try to create a mail from the mail screen, the signature is added right the way, but if we select a mail template, then the signature is removed, but is not added again.

I know it is not a quite important issue, but that requires us to copy the signature, select the mail template, go down to the mail template and paste the signature.

Is there any way to get the signature of each user to be added to the end of the mail when we select to use a mail template?
Thanks a lot!


Sorry, does anyone have a quick answer for a possible fix for this issue?. It is being a little pain for the users to have to open a new mail, copy the signature, then close it, open the mail from a template, go all the way down in the mail, and paste the signature in there.

Is there any way to get the signature added automatically at the end of the mail, when we create a new mail from a previous existing template?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hello guys, sorry to ask it again, but is this a known bug or something( or expected behaviour), if so I will not spend more time looking for a solution.

Thanks a lot in advance! B-)

I don’t know.

Maybe check GitHub✓&q=is%3Aissue+signature

and open a new issue if you think those aren’t the same…

I have the same issue and reported it in this forum 3 month ago.

I see that this issue is present in GitHub with Id 4075, but seems that i is “closed”?.
I am not used to work in GitHub, but, does this mean that we have a fix to apply, or that it will not be solved??

It’s open, not closed.

It currently does not have a fix. One of the developers worked on a related bug that is linked there, but didn’t reach a solution yet.

old issue but still actual - it doesn’t work until now - would be a very important (!) thing for us.

Is there a workaround or anything how I can insert user specific signatures when using company-wide email templates?

Are you running the latest version of SuiteCRM? Maybe some bur fix went in.

Other than that I can only recommend my PowerReplacer add-on which allows really cool signatures.

Hi there,
we are running 7.11.18

We also face the issue, that pictures within the signature are not “accepted” - they aren’t shown in the sent mail (but maybe that’s another problem I have to face in a different way, we use our base64 coded signature we use in our mails via our mailprovider).

Thank you!

Hello, we just found two easy work arounds (even it is not the right solution at all)

a) Copy and paste the signature after the email template.

b) When we design a template to send the mail automatically we hard coded a custom code that adds the signature to the template of the user that runs the process that sends the email.

That is how we got to work so far.

About the pictures not showing in the mail sent that is a normal situation, as mail clients (outlook, gmail…) does not accept images by default and you must allow them everytime you open the mail. Other issue could be that the image sent must be accesible online (I mean based in an accesible url).


Thank you so much.

I think I will use a workaround:
every template gets a signature built on it’s end using the variables.

That works kind of good- but not perfectly.
It always shows the credentials of the user who is responsible for the contact, not the credentials for the user who is currently sending a mail to the contact (which could differ, e.g. if someone is on leave, or in a meeting or whatever)

If I could find a way to fix this - I am perfectly happy for now and guess I can wait for suiteCRM 8, maybe some issues are fixed then.

But at the moment I can’t find a way to display the current user.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think there are currently any plans to have this fixed in SuiteCRM 8, the variable processing in templates requires extensive work, which is what I did for the add-on. My add-on will be donated into core SuiteCRM if enough people subscribe, but so far the SuiteCRM community doesn’t seem to be interested.

You could maybe try developing just a bit of custom solution for your specific problem, but it will require a developer.


You have to add manually code inside modules/EmailTemplates/EmailTemplateData.php file.

In default: case ‘get’: section

Replace $data[‘body_from_html’] = from_html($bean->body_html); line with below content.

            global $db, $current_user;
            $signature_query = $db->query("SELECT signature_html FROM users_signatures WHERE deleted=0 AND user_id='$current_user->id'");
            $row_query   = $db->fetchByAssoc($signature_query);
            $signature_html = $row_query['signature_html'];
                $data['body_from_html'] = from_html($bean->body_html."\n".$signature_html);
                $data['body_from_html'] = from_html($bean->body_html);