Add or Access new tables to the CRM Database using third part plugin

Hello guys,

I just wanted to know if we can add, access or update the database tables, by using an other third party plugins.

Thanks in advance !

Do you mean something like accessing the DB through phpMyAdmin? A web interface to the database?

thanks for your reply.

i meant to ask, can we connect other plugins which we are using for our business which needs to access the database or add new tables to database not depending on the SutieCRM or its own database tools ?

You are free to integrate other software in many ways.

You can directly access the database and do stuff there, as long as you don’t break anything.

You can use the SuiteCRM API to ask SuiteCRM to change its database for you.

You can write PHP code, a custom entry-point, that receives data from HTTP-POST and uses Beans to write to the database. This is basically the same as above, but might be easier for simple integrations.

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