Add New Task

as you can see in the attached image I have 2 problems:

  1. I cannot check “Task Milestone”
  2. if I click on “Days” in order to change the duration type of the field “Edit Duration” no other items are visible

How to fix these 2 problems???

Please tell us

  • your SuiteCRM version
  • where you click to get to that screen
  • try this on the online demo ( and check if it works there, so we know if this problem is just in your installation or not


My SuiteCRM version is 7.10.11. This issue happens when I try to edit a project task of a project template. The options to select “Activity” or “Milestone” are hidden. But I don’t know anything about the items in the duration type of the field “Edit Duration”.

As you can see in the attached image, doesn’t work

Sorry, try

I think there’s a CSS bug.

I changed the CSS for this item

<input type="radio" name="Milestone" value="Subtask" checked="checked" id="Subtask">

and I was able to see the underlying Radio buttons.

Workaround: on the words “Task Milestone”, you can click approximately on the “k” to select one option, and on the “M” to select the other. This seems to enable/disable some things in the other fields, for example, “Days” is reset to 0 for milestones.

I have not username and password to access

Can you explain me the CSS file and code section to be change in order to fix the issue?


The user name is “will”, and the password is “will”

But you will find that it is also broken there, it is a bug, I also have it on my system.

Try this change:

The change you suggested to me works fine :slight_smile:

Your suggestion is fine for selecting Activity or Milestone.

How can I edit the “Edit duration” type in order to select also “Hours”???

I don’t think there’s a feature for that.

I did find an editable list in Admin / Dropdown editor / project_duration_units_dom, but I don’t think it is being used in that screen. i couldn’t find where it is used.

I see that in modules/ProjectTask/metadata/quickcreatedefs.php it simply uses the hard-coded value “Days”, it’s not even translatable :frowning:

Note that there might be implications elsewhere in the code - when it’s calculating task durations, start dates of subsequent tasks, etc. So if you do change this in the code you need to look around since you will might have to add support for “hours” in several places…

The problem is not the translation of “Days”; it should be great if the creator of both a project or a project template could choose if the duration of a task is in days or in hours. I mean the dropdown list should include also “Hours”.

I didn’t the say the problem was that it is untranslatable, that is just a symptom of the problem. The problem is that it is hard-coded as “Days”, which means that it’s not just a bug, but rather looks like a feature that was never finished.

It will take some investment in editing code to get this working. Can you do that and contribute the fix to the Community?

I’d like to edit coding, but I’m not able. I’m not expert in coding :frowning: