Add new tab to navigation for opportunities search criteria

I currently use the opportunities module the most and I am in need of some kind of ability to easily sort them into 2 different categories.

What I would like is to have 2 buttons in the navigation:
One that (when clicked) shows opportunities with the ‘enquiry’ status and the other that shows opportunities with the ‘confirmed’ status.

I was wondering if this was doable by utilising the search function? Is there a way to enforce certain criteria using the URL?
If not, is there any easy way of doing this?


I suggest following steps to achieve you task.

  1. Create a saved search with your search criteria.
  2. Copy url of advance search. It should be like -

url : index.php?action=index&module=Opportunities&saved_search_select=280e896e-2c8c-f1cc-b55b-546097282c56&orderBy=NAME&sortOrder=ASC&query=true&searchFormTab=advanced_search&showSSDIV=no&advanced=true

  1. Use url to add it to menu.

Yeah I’ve tried that but that still makes ‘opportunities’ the selected module in the navigation.
Also more importantly how do I make a new tab in the navigation bar? When I try manually with the tpls files everything was at the end, but I want this to be the first tab.

Hi Inplace of new tab in the navigation bar, I will suggest to add menu item into opportunity menu itself.

Well it’s been quested that a new tab is added in the navigation bar, so I’d like to know how to do that.