Add multiple accounts to single opportunity

New to suiteCRM, searched the forums, but can’t find the answer I am looking for.

We have multiple types of accounts: owners, purchasers, architects, and properties.

When we create an opportunity, it is always related to a property, but there will be an owner (they own the property), a purchaser and an architect. I have created “relate” fields for owner, designer, and architect in opportunity that all link to an account.

What I am hoping to see (which I am not) is that the opportunity appears in the subpanel for all the linked accounts. The goal is to click on an account and see all the opportunities they are currently connected to. There is already a many to many relationship between accounts and opportunities, so I feel like I am just missing one final step.

Any help is appreciated!!

Hi @ianjking,

Welcome to the Community!!!

What comes to my mind is to add multiple relate fields under opportunity to capture the accounts you want to relate the opportunity to. Then create a logichook to create a relationship to all the related accounts.

LogicHooks Documentation:

LogicHooks Samples:



Thanks! I will give it a try and report back! Appreciate the help!