Add List

I added an List in SuiteCRM, this one had to be checked up , but I do not find any more track of what I posted.
Thank you for indicating to me how I can find it and how long is necessary to wait for a validation.

Hi there,

Can you maybe attach some screen shots of your issues and detail the steps you took?



On the first picture we have the part " add your listing here " where I had already spoken about the application that I wanted to share, thus as I said previously I do not find any more what I posted.
Then I tried to reposter the application but when I " submit " I have an error concerning the terms and the conditions. picture 2.

Best regards.

Hi Recette,

We will investigate validating this plug-in, and let you know asap.



Thank you for your reply.

Have you more information since the last time?
Thank you

I’m already waiting.
I want to share my app who can connect SuiteCRM with different solution (Prestashop, Mailchimp…)
Thank you.