Add ID field to Project

I want to add an ID field for all the projects, so we can recognize them by ID rather than name (or additionally).

It looks like LBL_ID field already exists, but it doesn’t appear when trying to add it to the project views. But trying to create a field called LBL_ID fails because it obviously exists…

Any thoughts on how I do this?


Adding a label is not the same thing as adding a field.

You might want to read the Developer Guide, chapter on Language, to learn about labels.

To add fields you should just go to Studio and add them, and there are no problems with repeated names unless it’s in the same module.

Yes, I know that. But want to add the Project ID to the project views (So we can call projects by their ID and not their names). Like Salesforce essentially. But I can’t see a way to add it. The ID already exists (It’s in the URL). I just need it to be viewed on the page. Thats my question :slight_smile:

When you add the field, don’t call it “id”. That’s already there, it’s the SuiteCRM internal id. Just call it MyID or ProjID or something. This controls the way it is stored in the database.

Then there is no problem with the label for it being just “id”, which is the way it will be presented to users on screen.