Add custom field in lead conversion

Hello to all! in my crm i’ve added some new field on the lead module. One of them is the same on the account module. I need, when i convert the lead to an account, the crm keep in memory the value and move it on the new account. Is there a way to do it?

if I remember correctly, it should work ootb if the fields have the exact same name (I’m not referring to the label).


thanks. my 2 field differs from a ‘s’. i hate myself atm

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Sadly it doesn’t works. I’ve made 2 field. same type and same name. i’ve done a repair but actually nothing happends. same field as before. any tips?

I don’t know, but I think I know where you can go and look at what’s happening:

… which is defined here:

If you do some debugging around that code when it’s copying the fields, you can see what they are called and why they aren’t being taken over to the new bean.

I’ve done this like hundreds of times and never had an issue. As long as the field (the database name of the field , not the label) has the EXACT same name AND the EXACT same field type AND if you are using a dropdown use the EXACT same dropdown list and it works. What type of field is it? I’ve done it with text fields, dropdowns, numbers, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever done it with a relate field though. Sorry for all the capitalization, just want to stress it’s important. If one doesn’t match it will not work.

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sorry for the late answer but i had some other problem. btw in my account there is a dropdown field called “azienda_di_riferimento_c” with the list company_list.

In my lead i made the field azienda_di_riferimento_c as dropdown with company_list. I put this field in ther edit view, i changed the information, saved, click on convert, nothing happens. still the same fields as ste standard crm view

If I understand your correctly. You don’t see the field ‘azienda_di_riferimento_c’ in the convert form of Lead.
Which file do you use?
Custom directory has more priority.

what do you mean? i have to insert the field in this file?

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You should insert the field in correct array of the file.

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ok i’ll try out. thanks a lot

Can I just clarify something, is the issue that you’re not seeing the field, or that the field does not get populated with the value from the lead?

the second ones. because sometime i need to change the value on the fly. not edit end then convert.

Ok one more question, are talking about the ACCOUNT record where the field is not showing/populating OR are you talking about in the Lead Conversion Process page?

the second one. in the conversion page

Ok, now I understand your problem. No SuiteCRM does not do that. There is no way (without editing the code) that you can accomplish a new field on the conversion screen.

Here’s my notes on how to do that:

How to Add Fields to the Convert Dialogue

  1. Find…


and save it in the custom directory as:


  1. Add the fields you’d like to the corresponding target Module’s array within the file…

$viewdefs[‘Contacts’][‘ConvertLead’] = array(


// Added below description in order to copy this value from Leads to Contacts module

  1. Admin → Repair → Quick Repair and Rebuild

In your case, you’re looking for the [‘Accounts’} part, the above illustrates how to do it for contacts.