Add custom activity to Activity / History subpanel

I have created custom module which enables sending SMS. It contains mobile phone number field from Contact, text area field for SMS content and it is related to Contact module.
Is there a way to add sent SMS to Activity module the way Calls are being added?

Do you mean the Activity Stream dashlet on the Homepage?

Or the Activities subpanel that appears in several detail views?

If it is the latter, it is not really a module, it is a kind of aggregating subpanel that gathers information from several modules and shows it in an integrated fashion.

It can be edited from PHP, but not from Studio.

You can see an example here

@pgr - thank you for your answer. I meant Activities subpanel and of course I am aware it would require custom code.

After som consideration I realised, that it is not the best place tu put that data.

It would fit better in History subpanel, with e-mails and phone calls - I changed subject accordingly.

I have PBX integrated with our CRM so it would be nice to have all history in one place:

History subpanel is defined in that same file, immediately below. Have you tried making a custom version of subpaneldefs?

Not yet, but I am going :slight_smile: