Add Comment - similar to SugarCRM

In SugarCRM there is an option to add a Comment to a quotation, is it possible to do something similar in SuiteCRM?

Can you give an example? Surely you can just add a field, or do you require it to be some threaded update?

Hi Will
As I understand it, if I add a field in Studio it would have to be in the “header” part of the quote, whereas I want it in the body. And at times more than 1 comment may be needed.
Would I be able to write a piece of code similar to “Add Service Line” to do it. ?

Where is the “Add Service Line” script controlled from?

you could add code to add a new button to the line items e.g “Add Comment”, you would need to add the relevant code to the js and php to control this. but it is possible.

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For the time being I have gone for the simple solution of adding a Comments field via Studio, and then in the PDF template showing the comment n the Quote body.