Add checkbox in subpanel list

How to add checkboxes in subpanel list same as any other listView in all modules

I think you can change subpanel views with a “processrecord” hook.


I am not sure if you can add fields to a row, or merely change their HTML a bit, you will have to try.

But do you just want to have a checkbox and save that boolean as data, or are you looking at having “mass actions” in subpanels? That would require a more elaborate coding…

sorry if i’m not clear
i don’t need to save as boolean but
i need mass action in subpanel, so i can select multiple record from subpanel and perform some action

That will be complicated, I believe…

On the positive side, I think there is some shared code: I think the subpanels are driven by the same list view class as the regular list views.

But anyway this is going to be an intricate change, will involve many different pieces. If you do manage to do it, please share here how you made it. Good luck.