Activities Subpanel - New Column for tasks not showing dropdown value

Using SuiteCRM 7.7.8, i need to show Priority Dropdown value in the the Activities subpanel for Tasks. Here is what i did.

In the Tasks “ForActivities” Subpanel i added the column as

			 'vname' => 'LBL_PRIORITY',
			 'width' => '6%',

For the Other Modules, Calls, Meetings, i added following in the ForActivities.php

'priority' =>array(
		'vname' => 'Priority',
		'width' => '6%',
		'force_blank' => true,
		'force_exists' => true,

Ran Repair Rebuild, the Activities subpanel has the Column Priorities added, but it does not show any values. If i go to Task detail view from Subpanel, it show priority value in DetailView which means value is set.

As a side note For Testing, i am not using “task_priority_dom” Options for my priority field, i have made another list “task_priority_list” which i am using with my own options.

I think the Core Code is Always looking for the task_priority_dom for the Priority field. If i change the Options to another List, it does not populate in the Activities subpanel. I have reverted back to the task_priority_dom and changed values in it which are showing now in the Activities Subpanel.

The Issue is in the 307 and 350 lines of the FILE

if (!empty($this->priority)) {
            $task_fields['PRIORITY'] = $app_list_strings['task_priority_dom'][$this->priority];

It is always looking for same DOM for Priority, even if a user changes the list options to anything else.