Activities modify by admin


In project module I have activity (tasks, meetings, calls), but when I create tasks or meetings or calls, does not linked in project. But separately, in task module is located. when I check relationships there is One to many type.
how can I mange activities module? There is no in studio :frowning:
I wont to change forms for tasks?

Thank you!

It works. You have some local problem.
Start from: Admin->Repair->Rebuild Relationships

I try it. also, Repair Activities but still same. In report module I have many problems too. How do I find the cause? :frowning:

There are some different problems with report. Some questions depend on the logic of the report. I don’t know how help by distance. Try it do with dashlet: Admin->Repair->Rebuild SuiteCRM Dashlets

Could this be caused by the version (Need to upgrade) ?
I try Rebuild SuiteCRM Dashlets , but it’s same.

Which version do you use?

I looked at version in your other post. You don’t need to upgrade in your situation. As a variant you can reset preference and/or homepage.

Version 7.11.18

I try reset but same. Reports do not appear on any user Home page.


Look at errors in log file of SuiteCRM.
Look at messages about errors in console of your browser.