Activities List View 'Due Date' is blank

Running Suite CRM 7.13. Accounts > Selecting an account > Activities panel > have created a Task having Due Date. Though in the List View the Due Date field is blank. If I edit the same task then do see a valid Due Date.

Have checked in the Studio for Tasks > Layouts > List View and made sure Due Date [date_due] is in the Default list. What am I doing wrong? how do I get the Due Date field to show the value of the Due Date from the Task.

Also an Activity can be a call, task or meeting. Do not see Activity in the Studio. Since that is a combo list where do we revise the Layout for it. Wondering if it has a different Due Date field on it than we are expecting hence is blank.


Revised the date_due section to below and it now shows the Due Date for the Task

        'date_due' => [
            'vname' => 'LBL_LIST_DUE_DATE',
            'width' => '10%',
            'alias' => 'date_due',
            'sort_by' => 'date_due',