Activites column label corrupt

Hello everybody,

I am quarreling around with an self made problem and I cannot find the reason for it.

I have made some customization in SuiteCRM, to be upgrade safe in the custom folder. Now I have discovered that the heading of one column of the activities subpanel does not display the label but the variable. In my case I would epect the label 'Start date" but it is showing “LBL_LIST_START_DATE”. I guess this was produced when I was trying to display the tasks start date instead of its due date. I have tried to reverse the changes made but the label is still incorrect.

Has anybody an idea how to get the correct labels ?

Any help is appreciated!

Greetings Chris


this is a problem in the language files. You can for this field, make a correction in Studio.


Hello Wieland,

sorry for the delay but a was a few days of. Thank you for your reply, which indeed helped me. I finally found the problem in the fact the only Tasks have the LBL_LIST_START_DATE. Calls and Meetings, which are displayed by Actitivies too, do only have LBL_LIST_DATE for the label of the start date. I corrected thoe LBL_LST entries in the subpaneldef ForActivities.php in the custom Calls and Meeting files and now the label displays correct.

Thank you and best greeting,