Active Directory integrations problems

I’ve tried every setting I was able to find in the forums, but I’m still having problems with the LDAP integration. We have an Active Directory environment, and I created a Security Group called SuiteCRM and placed all the users I want to have access to it inside. I only want those users to have access to the CRM system.

These are my settings:

  1. Server: one of our two domain controllers FDQN.
  2. User DN: the main OU of our AD structure, containing several other OUs with users.
  3. Group DN: the Security Groups are stored in the Grupos de Seguridad OU.
  4. Group Name: SuiteCRM.
  5. Authentication: A user with read-only privileges to AD.

I know LDAP access works because we have a few others services successfully connecting to it and populating users (Openfire, OpenProject, ESCM), but SuiteCRM is giving me a headache.

Is there anything I’m missing here?

I found the solution to my own problem. I ended up using a filter instead of the Group Membership settings. using (&(memberOf=CN=SuiteCRM,OU=Users,DC=company,DC=com)) did the trick.

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