Act-On Integration

Hi, does anyone know if Act-On works with SuiteCRM?

Great work by the way everyone, a superb project.

I literally stumbled across it after months and months of CRM research - therefore it is clear that I think more needs to be done marketing, PR wise to get this excellent project more to the forefront of web searches - where it should be!

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback.

On Act-On, if there is an integration that works with SugarCRM Community Edition 6.5.x it should work with SuiteCRM.



I have been trying to get the Act-On integration working with SuiteCRM, and so far I have not been able to.

Setting up the connector FROM the Act-On website service, I enter the URL and an Admin rights user, password, but the login just times out.

No errors are in the Apache access or error logs.

Ive got a support ticket logged with Act-On to see if they can advise - but if anyone else has it working Id appreciate learning how!


I answered my own question…

Im happy to report (so far) Act-On seems to be working great in SuiteCRM. The connector works fine, the module installs and works fine.


Thanks for the feed back, and confirming the application works as expected.

This will help for users wanting clarification.