ACLActions group access rights disabled?


Using SuiteCRM 8.2.1 and trying to set Group Access Rights on Role Management page for any role but
the only available options are: All, Owner, Not Set, None.

I noticed a file ~/modules/ACLActions/actiondefs.override.php that differs from actiondefs.php by commenting out all the Group level stuff.

Why is this?
What do I have to do to enable group access controls?

Thanks very much,

Hi there,
The actiondefs.override.php file is the file that should be used instead of actiondefs.php, and will include the necessary changes to make use of Security Groups. They shouldn’t be commented out, for example in a default SuiteCRM 8.2.1 instance line 49 looks like this:

     define('ACL_ALLOW_GROUP', 80); //securitygroup

Is it possible that there were changes made after the install? Alternatively, it could be a permissions issue, and the CRM is unable to actually read the actiondefs.override.php file and is using the base actiondefs.php file instead.

Thanks for the response.
On closer inspection, I see that the override file is in fact correct and nothing is commented out.
The file permissions are the same as for the actiondefs.php file.
So, I still dont know why the group option is not appearing in the dropdown lists.
Is some other setting required to enable group level access?

Should be available as standard with the rest of the Security Group functionality. Could you double check the override file that the action arrays look right? Should look something like this at line 93:


Specifically the inclusion of the ACL_ALLOW_GROUP value in 'aclaccess'. If it’s there as expected, might want to check to see if there are any other parts regarding Security Groups that isn’t working.

Sorry to be a bother. I found the problem. There was a typo on our side preventing actiondefs.override.php from being read. Thanks