Accounts - Print as PDF - Error - No Templates Found

Hi all,

This is more of a sanity check than anything.

When I first tried a demo of SuiteCRM I’m sure there was the ability to print a PDF of an account, which listed all Contact details, opportunities etc. Basically a summary of the account.

Now when I click on “Print as PDF” within the Account edit screen, it says;

Am I going insane? Did this functionality ever exist?

I’ve not touched the PDF templates module during development but the sample templates available seem to be for letters, rather than an account summary.

This is for version 7.10.7, upgraded from 7.10.4.

Any help appreciated.


On my fresh Installation i also have to create a template before printing a pdf.
Under “all” i can find the module named “PDF -Templates”
Here you have to create a template of type Account before