Accounts_Name Requirement on importing records to Opportunities module!


Just wanted to add if anyone had a problem like this with “required” field such account_name on importing to Opportunites, this was my solution to bypass it.
Go to, …/suitecrm/custom/Extension/modules/Opportunities/Ext/Vardefs and create file with name “sugarfield_account_name.php”

Inside of the file paste the following code:

$dictionary['Opportunity']['fields']['account_name']['importable'] = true;

Do Repair, Rebuild and you should be good to import without problem.

Changing account_name on ‘required’ field = false in Config_Override.php did not work, it works only for edit and details mode.

If you modify code to disable required field like with the code below, it wouldn’t make difference, account_name will still be required on import:

$dictionary['Opportunity']['fields']['account_name']['required'] = false;

Hope this helps.