Accounts->ListView showing name_of_label in header row rather than label

Help needed to resolve issue with Accounts module ListView, where the “label name for email1” rather than the label “Email Address” is showing in the header row Address.
Navigating to Studio>Accounts>Layout>ListView, the offending field is not changed when “Restore Default” is selected.
I know from the on-line SuiteCRM demo that the field label should be “Email Address”, however I am hesitant to edit the field and typing in the correct field label as I fear unintended consequences. I have attached a screen-shot to illustrate the issue.
Thanks in advance.

This requires you to renamed the field, I am not aware of any unintended consequences that could happen other than it just does not rename the field.

if it doesnt rename the field then you need to reset the permissions and try again,