Account HEad Office Address field not showing in Edit.


One of my users reported this today.

In Account - View you can see the full Head Office address in one field.
In the Edit view, the address is missing completely.
Through Module Builder, I can see the “Head Office Street” field but it isn’t displayed when in Edit mode.
Looking at “View History” shows no changes to this view since March, yet we added accounts last week.

Any ideas how I can get the address to be editable again?




Once the module is deployed into your SuiteCRM instance. You have to check layout , fields and relationship into “Studio” instead of Module Builder.


Sorry, I meant Studio. The Layout looks fine in Studio, it’s just not displaying the address fields in the edit view.



Verify in file

custom/modules//metadata/editviewdefs.php you have address field with ‘type’ => ‘address’, if not add it and hit quick repair & rebuild via admin.

If you are not sure about changes. share your above file here.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Last night when all other users were off I edited the layout. I removed the Address field, did Save & Deploy, then re-edited it again and added the address back in.

End result, the address is editable again. Within Studio it looks as it always has done, but something behind the scenes was apparently messed up and the removal and replacing of the field has fixed it.

Thanks for suggestions everyone.