Account Details Portal User

Hi all,

I installed SuiteCRM and the Joomla component and it’s all working fine.
The only thing is that when I create a Portal user, the contact gets an email but there is nothing in it.

In the AOP settings everything seems fine. There is a Joomla Account Creation template. The templates for case creation all work fine.
Can someone please tell me what the problem is.

regards, Paul

Hi RayzerSol,

I have the same problem.

Suitecrm 8.1 I am using the AOP with Joomla. Everything works perfectly, except the creation template of new user of the portal.

The mail arrives but it arrives without any data, text or variables. I tried to edit the template, also assign another template but the email still arrives blank.

Have you found any solutions?

Thank you.


I’m also facing the same issue.

is there someone who can help us…


Hi jrivas,

Sorry for the late response.
No, I did not find a solution jet. I hope someone on the forum can help us with this problem.

well hope this could be solved I am in the process to try Joomla suite/CRM portal and are happy to hear from you guys that already have start using it…



Unfortunately I have not been able to solve this problem.

I hope soon to find help from the community.

Thank you.