Account and Contact Module

Good morning all! I have a quick question -

Is there a way to add a field when creating a contact that displays a drop down of the current accounts in the account module? An example would be;

I create accounts ABC, 123, and XYZ.
I create a contact, “John Doe”,. He is a part of ABC. When putting in his contact information, a field would be present with a dropdown of all accounts in the system. I would then be able to place him in that account. Vice-versa, I would be able to click “ABC” account, and see him placed after his contact is created and he is placed in “ABC”.

Hope this makes sense!

Thanks in advance!

Hi there

With custom coding you could make the dropdown

Without custom coding inside Contacts you have a relate field called “Accounts”

It is blank but acts as a search field
For example if you type in ABC you will see the ABC account and you can select it

There is also an arrow next to the Accounts field - clicking on this arrow takes you to the Accounts “Pop up Search” window (customisable through studio)

Here you can search for accounts based on any field inside an account record (name, ID, etc)

When inside an Account record
Scroll down to the sub panels
“Contacts” subpanel will show all Contacts linked to the account

You can click the ^ icon on the subpanel and click “Select”

This opens the Contact Pop up search view (editable through studio)

Now you can search for Contacts based on any field inside the record

You can check the box next to each Contact you want to link to the Account record and hit select
Adding all Contacts to the Account

Account to Contact is a one to many relationship

Meaning 1 account can have many contacts (Show in Contact subpanel)

Contact has 1 Account (Shows in the Account Field)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

That worked great! Thank you so much!