Access to view the list depending on the role

please tell me how to change this code so that the viewing of records with the status “Closed Lost” is available for users with a role with id “xxxxxx”
that is, you need to make sure that records with this status are seen by the admin and users with a predetermined role



class OpportunitiesViewList extends ViewList {

function listViewProcess() {
    global $current_user;
    if(!$current_user->is_admin) // remove this condition if you dont want admin user to view the "Closed Lost" Opportunities.
        $this->params['custom_where'] = ' AND opportunities.sales_stage <> "Closed Lost" ';
    if (empty($_REQUEST['search_form_only']) || $_REQUEST['search_form_only'] == false) {
        $this->lv->setup($this->seed, 'include/ListView/ListViewGeneric.tpl', $this->where, $this->params);
        $savedSearchName = empty($_REQUEST['saved_search_select_name']) ? '' : (' - ' . $_REQUEST['saved_search_select_name']);
        echo $this->lv->display();