Access Nothing vs Access Everything Security Model

In a time crunch and could not find answer quickly in google or forums

Trying to lock down suitecrm in a proof of concept so that:

Team A - has access to only Account A and Contacts in Account A

Team B - has access to only to Account B and Contacts in Account B

This excellent write up got us there (

User A = Account A / Contacts in A

User B = Account B / Contacts in B

Problem is I created a non-admin User C and they still have access to these objects!

Looking for a way to:

  1. By default lock everything down and selectively add access back (if done by a role, ideally it is the default one user created)

  2. In an attempt to achieve #1 created a role with no access, assigned the user, and it indeed blocked access but noticed the search lists still show the objects (yes, without a link to actually access the object) but it shows the objects, and items like name etc. Is that something that is not possible or only possible with the Pro Version of secuirtysuite?

One work around is to create a Role and set everything to None for rights. Assign that role to a “No Access” group. Then in Security Suite Settings at the bottom add the “No Access” group automatically for any new User record that gets created. Then they will have no rights by default. When you go to set the user up just remove that group from that user when done.