About Copies of main file

Im trying to understand why SuiteCRM 7.12.X is creating copies of the main file (folder) at some point, and number them.

For example, my main folder is scrm.mysite.com, so im seeing folders like scrm.mysite.com_202207120936
I just delete couple of this, and the site created again a new one, just couple of hours ago.

Im not new, but trying to take care of this instance after time of not being related to any of this, so maybe im asking a stupid question.

Is it a copy of SuiteCRM or it might be the Server Provider?
Anyone that could point me? My goal is to update to SCRM8 as soon as possible, so, Im trying to understand the internals of the server.

Thanks in advance.

That is not done by SuiteCRM itself, check if you have some backup add-on, or something in your hosting settings.

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Thanks for your help.
I´ll be using some time today to check what you told me. Sure it might be the server provider policy that creates instances as a backup.
Thanks a lot!

It was in fact, Server provider policy and some manual copies.
Thanks for the help @pgr

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