About a localized Chinese name(Asian name,example Japanese,korean) search problems

Chinese name(and Japanese,Korean) is composed by the last name and first names(王=Wang=last name,兵=Bing=first name). In business situations, generally called full name(王兵). Although the CRM system can adjust the order of first and last name, but it can not be searched.
The zoho of CRM, after adjusting the order first and last name, you can search for normal contacts(王兵).
Contact’s name is 王兵(Wang Bing), when I was in the localization settings, adjust the order of the names of lastname firstname, the contacts can be displayed properly 王兵, but if you use 王兵 as the key word to search for contacts, no feedback results.
But in Zoho, if the order of adjustment of the names, they can search to 王兵.
I hope you can let the program supports Chinese name search.thank you very much!

My English is not good, I hope you can understand what I mean