a export incomplet the datas


I have a problem if i do a export the datas it does not work.Only the first line is exported.

Can you hepl me please. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


  1. Can you verify, you don’t have any query failure in your sugarcrm.log ?
  2. It could be special character in your export data.


yes i have verify the sugarcrm.log there is not failure.

May be some special character or character encoding would be creating problem.


I have not a problem on character encoding .I think the problem is suitecrm but i don’t known why???

It might be helpful if you could put in a few dummy records and attempt to export them and then upload the failed file to the forum, as urdhvatech said it may be an issue with a special character in the data you are exporting.

Have you tried exporting from other modules and if so do you experience the same issue?




I hurt you explain the problem.this is the result of a sql query I unable to export.


I hurt you explain the problem.this is the result of a sql query I unable to export.

there is the sql query.

SELECTnumero_dossier_c AS numero dossier , salutation AS Titre , last_name AS Prénom , first_name AS Nom , primary_address_street AS adresse , primary_address_city AS Ville ,

WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c=“01” THEN “Bezonnais Riverain”
WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c=“02” THEN “Bezonnais non Riverain”
WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c=“03” THEN “Particulier non Bezonnais”
WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c=“04” THEN “Professionnel extérieur”
WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c=“07” THEN “Professionnel riverain”
WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c=“08” THEN “Professionnel non riverain”
WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c=“05” THEN “Association”
WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c=“06” THEN “Service Municipal”
end as “Statut de l’exposant”, nombre_emplacement_c AS “Nombre d’emplacements”, rue_attribuee_c AS “Rue” ,

WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c in (‘07’,‘01’) THEN nombre_emplacement_c-1
WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c not in (‘07’,‘01’) THEN nombre_emplacement_c
end as “Nombre d’emplacements facturés”,

WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c in (‘07’,‘01’) THEN contacts_cstm.montant_c/(nombre_emplacement_c-1)
WHEN contacts_cstm.statut_exposant_c not in (‘0,7’,‘01’) THEN contacts_cstm.montant_c/nombre_emplacement_c
end, 2) AS “Prix unitaire”, montant_c as “Montant dû” , montant_c AS Montant réglé,numero_souchier_c AS “numéro souchier TP”
FROM contacts_foi_emplacements_evenements_1_c , contacts , contacts_cstm
WHERE contacts_foi_emplacements_evenements_1_c.contacts_foi_emplacements_evenements_1contacts_ida = contacts.id
AND contacts_foi_emplacements_evenements_1_c.deleted =0
AND contacts_cstm.id_c = contacts.id
AND mode_reglement_c !=“01”
GROUP BY contacts_foi_emplacements_evenements_1contacts_ida
ORDER BY numero_dossier_c ASC

My guess is that some where in your export data their comes an character which may fails the exports.

  1. To verify Create a report which gives single record and that record should have all the data in english.

I do it but it is not goog.

when you make the request on phpmyadmin and that exports the data it works .So the problem has suitecrm but I do not know where .