[8.1.3] Can't get Auto Reply Template Emails to Populate Inbound Email From Name

I’ve been trying different variables such as $inboundemail_name to get the From Name of inbound emails to population on the auto reply for personalization purposes, but it just won’t work.

This is what is sent.

Hello $inboundemail_name,
Your email has been received and will be responded to within 24 business hours.

Has anyone been able to get this working?

Or did I discover a bug?

Looking at the code, I don’t think there is any template variable substitution taking place in auto-replies.

I’m working on this kind of thing for my PowerReplacer add-on, making it work on inbound flows such as case creation and auto-replies. But I haven’t migrated my add-ons to SuiteCRM 8 yet.

Have a look at the code here

PowerReplacer looks great, that will be a great addition to core when it reaches maturity.

For our current implementation, we’re going to be using Mautic for email campaigns and marketing automation and utilize the APIs to share data between systems.

We can live with the non-personalized email auto-reply.

I read about many people using Mautic to send SuiteCRM campaigns, and I fully understand why, but it’s a big frustration for me, I don’t see how we can have a CRM with Campaigns and then require an external tool to send proper campaigns… sigh…

Well, sending a ton of email, you really need a separate infrastructure to shoulder the load. Mautic has a lot of flexibility for using various email services, such as Amazon SES, Sendgrid, etc. Mautic is basically free MailChimp, but better.

Mautic also has a lot of tracking and ranking intelligence which works great with the automation. For every new client sign-up, they are submitted to a campaign with a series of timed/event based emails to help onboard and educate them about their new service to get up a running quickly.

The segmentation is also powerful to help keep track of what client has what service, so we can avoid sending redundant marketing only sending relevance messages that are useful.

It’s hard to compete with a dedicated system vs a built-in module. Focusing on SuiteCRM integration and compatibility will be a great feature as Mautic is growing fast.

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