8.03 assigns new cases to deleted employees

New user installed 8.03 on dedicated Linux server, works super fast. I deleted the fake employees and data as the system was investigated. When adding new cases, deleted users are assigned (Sally, max etc). I did a “quick repair” and signed in/out, deleted cache and other tips. I’m assuming a d/b is still populated that was not purged when the employee(s) were removed. When I click on “Sally” in that Case I’m told to contact Admin and I am the admin. Sally is not an employee any longer. thanks.

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Maybe you’re lost with the overlap of the concepts of User and Employee

… which admittedly is a bit confusing :slight_smile:

How exactly did you " I deleted the fake employees and data"? From the UI? Or from the database?

BTW, there is an option in the installer to add the fake data; I believe it’s off by default, it would have been easier if you had installed without that data in the first place.

Very good. I will go back to user/employee sections and study. I decided to leave the fake data to see many of the options when listing things like accounts and contacts and cases that I would be missing. It was a good introduction as I spent a week or two adding my own data. Removing the data was a good way to learn mass delete and other commands.

BTW: Suite CRM is a great resource for my small group with tons of interactions. What a wonderful find.

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To confirm, the employees and related user records were removed. When new Cases are created, the system continues to assign them on a rotating basis to deleted users.

Are those cases being created from a portal? Or through email? Or simply adding a Case record from the UI?

Inbound email. I sent your note and Case was created and assigned to “will”. will is not an employee or user. Thanks for looking.

That user and employee was deleted from the fake data.

What are your settings like in Admin / AOP Portal Settings?

The part about case distribution?

Try playing with those settings to see if anything changes

(although I guess that assignment to deleted users can be considered a bug any way…)

EDIT: looking at the code I see that that mechanism uses cached data, so maybe your system isn’t fully recognizing the user deletions yet. See here… if you’re a developer.

This repair option appears to have removed the fake users from the rotating inbound cases assignments. Thanks for looking.

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