7.9.6 / user cannot login


I created new employee as admin without email address, so no typical “welcome to suitecrm lalala” email was sent.
Later I revised the new employee profile with the user name for the login and the email address.

But unfortunately the "Forgot Password? " function looks work.
The employee receive the email for the new password and also define a new one but he can still no access to the crm system.
The Message from system is: “You have been logged out because your session has expired.”

What I doing wrong?


That message “your session has expired” can have multiple causes. Sometimes you need to clear the PHP sessions from Linux (follow your session.save_path in your php.ini to know where they are).

Another trick to reset a user’s password: go into the database with phpMyAdmin, table “users”, and find the row for your own user, one which you know the password. Copy the value from field “user_hash”, and paste it in the row for the new user.

Now you can login with your own password into the new user’s account, and you can change password from within his user profile, no emails needed.

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Thank you gpr,

I could find a easy way.
I saw in the user management that the “status” of the employee was not defined (blank), I change it to “active” and than the problem was solved B)