7.9.5. "Line Items" Group is gone

Hello helpers,

currently I face a unexpected troubles:

In module AOS_QUOTE and AOS_INVOICE the option for grouping Line Items is gone. Neither the Group Name, nor adding other groups, nor calculating group sub-totals and totals is here anymore.

I used before and switched now to 7.9.5. I checked the php files of AOS_Line_Item_Group from both versions and they are identical. The vardefs, language, and module .php for AOS_Quotes, AOS_Invoices and AOS_Product_Quotes are a bit different in each version. However, the numbers of Line_Item_Group is the same mentioned everywhere.

What can I do to get the groups back?

And once done, how can I get custom fields such as Start and End Dates in the group?

Help is really much needed and appreciated. The solution can be a bit more difficult, I have a guy who knows PHP well, but still could not fix the problem. Still, he will be able to help me.

Thank you!

I don’t know the answer, but you can always try to gather more information by looking in your logs and checking browser errors in Inspector window.

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jep- that was the answer! Thank you!!

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I don’t know where you found that answer, but thanks for posting it back here for future reference.

Remember that config_override.php overrides configurations in config.php, so you might want to check both those files to see why your settings were giving you problems.

You can also check how those files look like on a default install. I believe you can get those files from this demo

Admin > Diagnostics